Spring Shaolin Festival of Martial Arts and Qigong is Held in Tokyo, Japan

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On Mar. 11, 2018, Chinese Culture Center and Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association hosted “Spring Shaolin Festival of Qigong” at Shinjuku Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

On that morning, Shinjuku Stadium of central Tokyo showed Shaolin Kungfu for the public. More than 20 traditional Shaolin Kungfu including Shaolin Linked Boxing, Shaolin Seven Stars Fist, Shaolin Power Boxing, etc. took turns to performance during the 3-hour show while the atmosphere and the applause was continued.

That afternoon, the conference hosted the keynote speech on “Achieving Shaolin Qigong’s Best Way for Mind, Body and Ability of Modern Society”. It gave Shaolin Regimen Qigong’s healthy effects on body from practice, actual combat fact to theory and carried out activities about teaching experiences. The audience on scene actively experienced Shaolin Linked Boxing and Shaolin Regimen. They said that their cognition of Shaolin Regimen was further deepened through the day’s events and the day’s experiences benefited the mind and body. (Editor: Chanyue)

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