Smashing Success for the Greek Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

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Greek Shaolin Temple Cultural Center [EPOKES], the official Shaolin organization in Greece, had a superb presence in the 19th National Wushu - Kung Fu Championships.

The National Wushu - Kung Fu Championships is the most authoritative Chinese martial arts tournaments in Greece and was conducted on March 3 and 4, 2018 at the crowded indoor Olympic Wrestling Center of Athens. More than 700 competitors from across Greece and almost every Chinese Martial Arts Schools in the Greek territory, compete in forms and weapons, North and South Traditional Fist, Modern Wushu, Internal Styles, and Tai Ji Quan. The Championships was held under the rules and regulations of the International Wushu Federation and was conducted by the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation.

Cooperating clubs with the Greek Shaolin Center took part in this event with 70 selected students and were honored with 16 Gold, 13 Silver and 23 Bronze Medals winning a total of 52 medals in various categories. Masters, Shi Yankong [释延空], Shi Yanyun [释延运], Shi Yanjia [释延佳], Shi Yanru [释延如], Shi Yangu [释延古], Shi Yansui [释延随], Shi Yanfo [释延佛] and Shi Yanning [释延宁] accompanied their Master, Shi Yanzhuo [释延卓] to this unique event.

It was another great challenge for EPOKES, to participate in the 19th National Wushu - Kung Fu Championships. However, the presence in a National event, regardless of distinction, was necessary in order to promote further the Shaolin Culture and of course Shaolin Kungfu. This view is shared by the partner associations and the 70 male and female students, who had a great presence and won the admiration of the spectators and the judges of the Federation, something that is testified by the 52 medals gained by our team. We hope to continue this positive presence and the very good work that is done for years by the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center, said Master Shi Yanzhuo, the General Director of Greek Shaolin Temple Cultural Center.

Source: Lay Disciple Shi Yan Jia

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