The 5th Greek Shaolin Cultural Festival (EPOKES)

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On February 11th, the 5th Greek Shaolin Cultural Festival (EPOKES), was completed successfully, in the packed Municipal Sports Centre of Nafplio, where all the spectators had the opportunity to enjoy and become acquainted with the spectacular culture and the ancient tradition of Shaolin.

More than 15 leading martial arts schools in Greece and 250 students were gathered at Nafplion City, the old capital of Greece, to participate in this great cultural exchange activity. The public had the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular event and magnificent performances. The festival was completed with a highly impressive appearance of 150 EPOKES students, both individually and collectively, who presented techniques and forms with bare hands and arms from the huge treasure of Shaolin Culture. Particularly impressive was the number of young students who, with great dedication, performed their skills by rigging the audience.

At the grand opening of the festival, the director of Greek Shaolin Cultural Center Master Yanzhuo expressed his gratitude to Master Papavasileioy Dimitris, director of Southern Greece Shaolin School and the Mayor of Nafplio City, for their efforts during the 5th Greek Shaolin Cultural Festival, and he also took the opportunity to say that EPOKES and its Masters has cultivated generations of talented overseas Shaolin disciples who stand out in the history of Greek Shaolin Festivals.

Shaolin Tradition is something unique, he said; everyone should live it for once to understand it. We hope that will embark a new journey of the next decade and continue to carry forward the excellent Shaolin culture to more sentient beings.

Greek Shaolin Cultural Center wishes a Happy New Year to all the Shaolin Family - 祝贺大家新年好! (By Shi Yan Jia )

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