“Shaolin Charity” Enters Junzhao Town of Dengfeng City to Send Warmth for the Poor

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On January 17, 2018 or the first day of the twelfth lunar month, after the early field visit under the leader of the Abbot Yongxin, four disciples, jointly with Administration of Cultural Heritage and Archives of Dengfeng city, went to Shuimowan village and Lingou village of Junzhao town to send the warmth and blessing of the New Year for the poor families. 

The Abbot Yongxin goes to Poverty Alleviation Office to learn about poverty alleviation

The Abbot Yongxin looks at the poverty account in detail

The Abbot Yongxin visits poor families

At 7:30 in the morning, the caravan of rice, flour, grain, oil, cotton-padded quilts, etc. has been sent from Shaolin Temple to Junzhao town. According to Master Yanzhi, after the village’s poverty-stricken cadres providing 86 lists of poverty and just out of poverty, the Shaolin charity selected 12 households, sent Master himself to visit investigation and finally, the five families were identified. 

Shaolin Temple brings home supplies and condolence payments to poor families 

The villagers were amazed by the mercy of Shaolin Temple

The “Shaolin Charity” ends successfully

As Master Yanzhi of Shaolin Temple said, “Poverty alleviation is not our giving to others, but the mercy that we do not bear the suffering of all sentient beings when we fought hard.” Charity rescue has always been a fine tradition of Shaolin Temple. From the establishment of Shaolin Charitable Foundation to the establishment of Shaolin Charity House, Shaolin Temple has never stopped working in charity. To actively respond to the national and local government’s calling for poverty alleviation, Shaolin Temple lauched the “Shaolin Charity” event in 2013, visited hundreds of difficult families every year and sent love donations and gifts to needy families in Dengfeng and surrounding areas, which received the enthusiastic praise of the masses and also aroused the recognition and admiration from all walks of life. During the activities, some caring people joined the “Shaolin Charity” activities giving their own strength. (Editor: Yue Long)

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