Chan Qi (Chan Session) of Shaolin Temple Completes Its Jie Qi in Dingyou Year

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At 7:30 am on January 9, 2018, Chan Qi of “Improving Session” completed its Jie Qi. In the meantime, a total of 136 people including major heads, Taoist priests from mountains, old Chan Buddhists and new monks got together at Meditation Chapel in Shaolin Temple to practice meditation, seek realization and so far, the merit is satisfactory. The Jie Qi ceremony is divided into running incense, transmitting Jie Qi board, playing alarming by monks, taking an examination of work, Jie Qi, applying leaves of life and death and other courses.


Running incense

Warrior monks donate dharma 

Transmitting Jie Qi board

The Great Monk plays alarming

At 3:15 am, as they often does, monks began to runTransmitting Jie Qi board the first incense. At 6:30 am, the Great Monk Yongxin eated with monks. Then the Great Monk and monks entered Meditation Chapel to run incense. After that, the attendant transmitted Jie Qi board. The Great Monk Yongxin played alarming with incense board and had a disclosure. “Twenty years ago, I mentioned that Chan is not to be fanciful. It is a kind of Dharma-mukha for the public to practice meditation. But in Meditation Chapel, I would say, Chan is a function that can help us to get rid of greed, anger, ignorance, slowness and suspicion, and help us to grow in wisdom and break away from life and death.” The Great Monk Yongxin spoke and took the examinations of work for monks. Then Master Yuezhong played alarming and welcomed the monk to complete Jie Qi. Thus Jie Qi is satisfactory.

Masters take examinations of work

The last incense of Chan Qi in Ding You year

Welcoming the Great Monk for Jie Qi

Applying leaves of life and death

Taking photos with delight

At 8:00 am, Karmadana led monks to the Hall of Abbot to apply for leaves of life and death. The Great Monk commended that, “the Chan Qi Dharma assembly very fits into the rules of Buddhism while it is very peaceful and satisfactory. Major heads are due diligence and donate Meditation Chapel; monks let go and care for Buddhist with heart and soul to break away from life and death and get out of the way. After forty nine days of brave diligence, I believe that monks have benefited from their respective states and hope that all monks can stay and continue to donate the Meditation Chapel.” Then the Great Monk Yongxin and monks took a group photo in front of the Hall of Abbot. (Master Yandi, Zou Xiang, Yue Long, Zhang Hailong)

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