Charity Focus at the Beginning of the New Year

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Shaolin healthcare public class walks into Acacia Creek Retirement Homes in California, USA.

On January 3, 2018, at the beginning of the New Year, old folks of Acacia Creek Retirement Homes were looking forward to their Shaolin Kungfu teacher—Master Yanran and his disciples of Shaolin Temple USA who would bring them a new “Shaolin Kungfu class”.

The old folks of Acacia Creek Retirement Homes

Master Yanran and the old people

Master Yanran’s on-site teaching

At the scene of the course 

It is home to retired professors from prestigious universities such as Stanford and University of California, as well as many prominent scholars and scientists, senior government retirees, business leaders, generals, sports stars and so on. At this time, they all became the loyal fans of Shaolin culture. Head of Shaolin Temple USA Master Yanran and his disciples often come here to carry out public welfare classes and they are obliged to provide Shaolin healthcare Qigong courses for 5 years.

Pleasant conversation

Taking a group photo to mark the occasion 

Shaolin culture is an open and diverse culture. It is the responsibility and mission of Shaolin cultural center to spread the precious wealth of Chinese nation to people through this kind of public class. In the context of Chinese and western culture conflict and blending, the thriving development of Shaolin Temple USA is inseparable from the Shaolin Temple’s abbot, Shi Yongxin and the joint efforts of Master Yanran and his team. It is believed that Shaolin Temple USA will achieve more brilliant achievements on the road of overseas development in a new year. (Editor: Faxi)

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