Shaolin Temple USA Cultivates Numerous Talents Rooted in the USA for Ten Years

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Chinese culture has a long history and Shaolin culture is extensive and profound. On December 9, 2017, to service the “Belt and Road” initiative and further carry forward traditional Chinese culture represented by Shaolin culture, Shaolin Temple USA held an grand annual event——Shaolin Warriors Meet.

2017 Shaolin Warriors Meet Award Winners

Competition Teams from various Shaolin Temple USA training locations

In 2017, it is a particular memorable year for Shaolin Temple USA that is the tenth anniversary established in the USA. 
Shaolin Warriors Meet is Shaolin Temple USA’s annual sports meeting and an important part of carrying forward Shaolin spirit and improving teaching effects of Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Warriors Meet has been held many times in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Washington in USA, which has reached a considerable size.
Shaolin Warriors Meet advocates Shaolin’s martial art spirits that include intrepid diligence and an open mind. Through Competitive evaluation, it always aims to improve the technical level of students, study achievement and mental quality while cultivating the discipline of students, enhancement, confidence and team spirit as well as wisdom, equality, harmony and other noble sentiments.

Master Yanran leads students in Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration

The participants of this Shaolin Warriors Meet are students from Shaolin Temple cultural centers in San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale as well as Stanford students. Their ages range from four to sixty. These multi-ethic, multi-career and multicultural students participated in more than 60 Shaolin boxing, equipments and collective competition projects covering high, intermediate and primary levels. Participants were fiercely competed in three events, assessed their own learning outcomes, and went beyond the high levels of the past. The senior, intermediate and junior levels convincingly produced their own individual all-around champions. The three school teams showed their own group programs with the high level technology and infected all the contestants, the audience and the referee team.

Students of diverse ethnic and age groups competing for the honor of “Shaolin Warrior.”

The highlight of this year’s game was the high “Shaolin Kungfu scholarship”: individual pentathlon championship of senior group, individual triathlon championship of intermediate group, individual triathlon championship of junior group and the champion of school team competition would win 3500 dollars in total. Bonus is not the most important. Head of Shaolin Temple USA, Master Yanran spoke, “The important thing is the purpose of Shaolin Warriors Meet that makes cultural exchanges with people from all walks of life. The spirit of the Shaolin Warriors Meet will contribute to the peaceful society.” “Shaolin warrior or hero is a man of overcoming himself, of selfless and of no self, with a heart of love. We hope that students could gradually breed the spirit of Shaolin hero under the influence of Shaolin culture through the practice of Shaolin Kongfu.”

Master Yanran and the Individual All-Around Champions

In the past ten years, Shaolin Temple USA has cultivated generations of talented overseas Shaolin disciples who stand out in the history of Shaolin Warriors Meet. In various major international and national martial arts competitions, for example, from November 7 to 11 in this year, Emeishan city in Sichuan province in China hosted “World Traditional Wushu Championships”——in the so-called “Olympic Games in Martial Arts”, members of national team of American martial arts, led by Master Yanran, showed extraordinary talents and got the excellent grades.

Master Yanran and Champion of School Team Competition

2018 is coming and Shaolin Temple USA will embark a new journey of the next decade and continue to carry forward the Shaolin culture, cultivate excellent overseas Shaolin desciples, make fresh contributions for traditional Chinese culture’s spreading and carrying forward abroad and transfer the excellent Shaolin culture to more sentient beings. (Editor: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang)

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