Greek Shaolin Cultural Center Holding a Celebration on Bodhidharma’s Birthday

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On November 22, 2017, Greek Shaolin Cultural Center held a celebration on Bodhidharma’s birthday. At 19:30, Master Shi Yanxiang, the disciple of Shaolin Temple, welcomed all the attendees and gave a talk about the celebration.Then there was a Buddhist ceremony of chanting service. With Master Yanxiang’s leading and helping, all the attendees could follow and recite the Heart Sutra with him and then followed by Light offerings ceremony.

After the ceremony, Vicky Aggeli, a disciple of Master Yan Xiang read to everyone about Bodhdharma’s history and life and how beneficial his teachings were for the Shaolin monks and every Shaolin practitioner today.After that, there was a Chan meditation session for twenty minutes. At the end of meditation, there was a Dharma talk by Master Yanxiang, explaining the meaning of Chan to everyone. How simple it is and the right simplicity makes it difficult to be understood.

At the end, there was vegan food offered to all the attendees.

Master Shi Yanxiang wants to thank the venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin for his trust and support and greet to all monks and other people of Shaolin Temple.

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