Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center Hosting Lectures on Shaolin Chan-medicine Culture in the United NationsIndustrial Development Organization.

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On the morning of November 16, 2017 local time, invited by Wang Zhen, president of Chinese Association in United Nations Headquarters of Austria, with the thoughtful arrangement of Mr. Zou Xuxin of Chinese Association, Master Yanliang, head of Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, Master Yanyi of Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau, Yanji and Yanquan of cultural center held content-rich lectures on Chan-medicine for officers of United Nations Headquarters of Austria and the local people at the convention center of United Nations Headquarters of Vienna in Austria. 

The scene of lectures on Shaolin Chan-medicine culture 

Master Yanyi explaining Shaolin Chan-medicine knowledge to people

In the lecture, Master Yanyi introduced uniqueness of treatment that Shaolin Chan-medicine used “the best-quality psychological treatment”: it is paid more attention to mental conditioning while using Shaolin exercise to cure physical diseases, which finally makes patients to reach balance condition between body and mind. According to 11 familiar symptoms that office workers operate computers in a long term to cause, Master Yanyi explained the formation mechanism of pathology and the efficient prevention measures in detail while teaching everyone some methods of acupoint selection and massage which are easy to learn. Then people followed Master Yan to experience some actions of Baduanjin. Many people felt neck, shoulder and back with with tense muscles that were relaxed and felt slight heat. 

Master Yanliang explaining Shaolin cultural knowledge to people

In reference to a high incidence of anxiety in society now, the research thinking of meditation’s impact on the reshaping of brain that was discussed by Master Yanyi and Professor Li Shuren together combined AKH Medicine College’s most advanced PET-MRI scan. Both of them were compared and analyzed before and after meditation. This kind of research thinking was designed a project named The Impact of Meditation and Mindfulness on the Treatment of Anxiety by Master Yanyi, which was appreciated by people. Master Yanyi said, “We have not only cooperated with some domestic universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and do research on Shaolin Chan-medicine, but also the cooperative research on meditation’s impact on life sciences with several famous universities abroad. In the mean time, Orthopedics and Massage Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine as research base, we have declared on two national research projects of Qi Gong in Chinese medicine related to Shaolin Baduanjin. In October, we declared on another national research project of clinical medicine named ‘Qigong’s Impact on Patients’ Clinical Rehabilitation Intervention’ again. It is well-known that the efficacy of Shaolin Qigong in life cultivation and health preservation is very remarkable, which is adored by enthusiasts from around the world. As disciples from the Shaolin Temple, we not only take it as its own duty to inherit and develop Shaolin medicine culture, but also keep pace with the times and embrace innovation. We must make Shaolin Qigong be used for healing of difficult and complicated cases around the world and the profound research of life science.”

Master Yanliang leading everyone to practice Shaolin Baduanjin together

Master Yanliang leading everyone to practice Shaolin Baduanjin together

Near the end of the lecture, Master Yanliang answered those questions related to Yijinjing that people most concerned about and led the whole audience to practice Shaolin Yijinjing together with people’s urging passionately. After lectures, Master Yanliang invited everyone to Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center for experiencing meditation, Kungfu and Chan-medicine which has an evident effect on improvement and purity of body and mind. He said that all my colleagues of Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center would work harder than ever to spread and expand Chinese traditional culture represented by Shaolin culture and service the building of the Belt and Road Initiative. (Editor: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang)

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