The Second Regimen Class of Shaolin Chan-medicine Being Organized in Rome

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On November 4, 2017, to celebrate the running of the second Chan-medicine class, Yanhui, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union, held lectures on “Shaolin Chan-medicine Regimen” in the capital hospital named San Giovanni Addolorata in Rome and were greeted enthusiastically by the population.

Yanhui leading students to performance Shaolin Kungfu

Fondazione Santa Lucia Rehabilitation Center is a top general hospital with the integration of rehabilitation physiotherapy and brain science research. It has the highly skilled team of physicians and advanced medical devices in the world. Yanhui, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union, set up the First Chan-medicine courses in partnership with the Fondazione Santa Lucia Rehabilitation Hospital from 2016 to 2017and had won the support and praise of the community. At the strong request of the general students, the Second Chan-medicine courses are to be set up this year.

Scene of lecture

Yanhui taking photos with guests

The scene of lecture, Ilde Coiro, director of Giovanni Addolorata Hospital, and Professor Carlo Caltagirone, chairman of Brain Science department of the Second Medical University of Rome, delivered speeches to highly praise the positive contribution of First Chan-medicine courses and hoped that Shaolin culture could be a better promotion in Italy and benefits more people.

Chinese and foreign media contributed reporting including Italy Central Television 2, Chinese Xinhua Times Union to Italy, European Times and so on. (Executive editor: Chanyue)

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