American Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco and Chinese Health Qigong Association Jointly Hosting “Health Qigong Forum in San Francisco”

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On September 22, 2017, the press conference of “Health Qigong Forum in San Francisco” that was held by American Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco, Chinese Health Qigong Association jointly hosted and American Taiji Health Foundation, the U.S. Recreation Service in assisting,was successfully convened in San Francisco. All this was to further carry forward the excellent culture of Chinese nation and reach out to the world, research the spirit and value of Health Qigong Culture, promote further exchange of Chinese and American cultures, effectively advance international communications of Chinese culture and share the essence of traditional Chinese culture with the world. A number of delegates of Chinese communities in the United States attended the conference and addressed the seminar, including Xiao Xiayong, the counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, California Representative Zhu Gansheng and his wife named Zhou Yunju, Yanran, the head of Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco, Xin Yi, Vice-President and General Secretary of Chinese Health Qigong Association, with his group of Chinese Health Qigong delegation and Li Shudong, the chairman of American Health Qigong General Chamber. A number of American and Chinese media reporters, from China News Agency, China Daily, People's Daily, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily and so on, reported live. Some important political figures, who included San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Luo Linquan, consul general to San Francisco, congressman Ro Khanna, California State Senator Robert Wieckowski, California State’s Revenue Agency commissioner Ma Shiyun, San Francisco Councilmen Aaron Peskin and Tang Katie and so on, sent the organizer their message of greetings and congratulatory letters to wish the event a great success!

The press conference scene

Yanran, the head of Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco, interviewing with the press

Taking photos as souvenirs at the press conference

In his speech, Xiao Xiayong, the counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, was grateful to Shaolin Culture Center for the contributions that traditional Chinese culture was promoted in the U.S. He said that Health Qigong exercises included the cognition of Chinese traditional philosophy while Chinese particular way of thinking, aesthetic notions, behavioral specification and valuable activity. Foreigners study these exercises while being able to gradually understanding Chinese culture with imperceptible influence. This carrier of Chinese traditional culture communication is more specific while the audience is more extensive. He hoped that the delegation from the San Francisco Bay area got united and joined the rank of health Qigong exercise while spreading the essence of traditional culture around the world.

 People practicing Shaolin health exercise at the scene of forum

People practicing Tai Ji at the scene of forum

Taking group souvenir photos jubilantly

Yanran, the head of Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco said, “It is a very meaning thing to be able to jointly host “Health Qigong Forum in San Francisco” with Chinese Health Qigong Association. The Shaolin Temple is more than 1, 500 years old and has a great history. The exercises of regimen, for example, Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing, both of which have outstanding influence and contribution to Chinese Qigong health functions and methods. This time, our cooperation could be said to collect different places of China and Shaolin’s health functions and methods whose essence is promoted to the public benefiting beings. It is our goal to continuously improve the health of the people around the world. Shaolin Temple is well known for the ‘unity of Zen and Martial arts’. Martial arts with meditation and health Qigong have different approaches but equally satisfactory results from recuperating the body to conditioning mind.

The opening ceremony scene

The head of Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco, Yanran,  addressing on behalf of organizations

Yanran leading people to experience Shaolin health exercise

Members of Shaolin Culture Center leading people to practice Shaolin health exercise

On September 23rd, 2017, Health Qigong Forum in San Francisco formally opened and held recital and exchange meeting in Union Square in San Francisco. There were almost 500 people that included Zha Liyou, the deputy consul general in San Francisco, California Representative Zhu Gansheng, masters of Chinese health Qigong delegation and more than 10 bodybuilding communities, one of whom was Shaolin Temple, taking part in the activity that lasted seven days. Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco had made meticulous preparations for the event which was able to run smoothly and provided a high level exchange platform for lovers of Chinese traditional culture and health Qigong. (Editor: Chanyue)

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