Taiwan's Noted Writer Lin Qingxuan Visiting Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of September 24, 2017, with Lin Qingyan, the General Manager of Henan Xinhua Publish Group Ltd, Zhongyuan Media Group Co., Ltd, a group of Taiwan’s noted writer Lin Qingxuan and his wife visited Shaolin Temple, the ancestor court of Zen and met with Abbot Shi Yongxin.

Great Monk Yongxin and Mr Lin Qingxuan talking pleasantly in Hall of Abbot

In the Hall of Abbot, Great Monk Yongxin expressed his warm welcome to the couple. He mentioned Mr Lin’s works full of Buddhism theory and Zen spirit which have found a passionate audience among the general monks and laity. Mr Lin has his own unique comprehension to Buddhism and Zen Culture and is accepted as one of “Ten Bestselling Authors in Taiwan”. During this time, Great Monk Yongxin reviewed the event that he led the delegation to Taiwan for cultural exchange in 1993 for the first time. Its influence was far-reaching. Great Monk Yongxin also gave Mr Lin Qingxuan an introduction of Shaolin Temple of the efforts and achievements in temple’s construction, sangha’s cultivation, charitable education and cultural exchange. He highlighted “The 1st Shaolin Great Meeting Open to All” which had been held from July 29 to August 4 this year.

Mr Lin Qingxuan taking pictures before ancient inscriptions

Great Monk Yongxin and Mr Lin Qingxuan giving their own works to each other

Mr Lin Qingxuan said that this was his first time to visit Henan and Shaolin Temple. He was deeply attracted by Henan’s long history and Shaolin Temple’s profound culture. Mr Lin Qingxuan who is a devout Buddhist has always been filled with yearning for Shaolin Temple while concerning with it. He saw Great Monk Yongxin often lead delegation to launch cultural communication both at home and abroad. This time he could take the journey and he thought that it was a causal and extraordinary thing. Mr Lin also talked about Taiwan famous cartoonist Cai Zhizhong who is his good friend for years. He frequently mentioned that Great Monk Yongxin led Shaolin warrior monks to make great efforts and had done a great deal for the spread of Buddhism, carrying forward the Zen culture and transmitting Shaolin Temple culture abroad. This time he came to Shaolin Temple and personally felt the extensive and profound Shaolin culture and the solemn and vibrant Shaolin sangha. Mr Lin hoped Great Monk Yongxin could often go to Taiwan for cultural exchange and make the healthy lifestyle and Shaolin culture including Shaolin meditation, Shaolin Kong Fu, Shao Lin Zen-medicine and so on, that could be able to benefit more Taiwanese people. 

At the parting, Great Monk Yongxin presented to Mr Lin Qingxuan Shaolin Temple in My Heart and Mr Lin gave Great Monk Yongxin his “Four Books of Simple Heart” (Four essay collections). (Editor: Zou Xiang)

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