The 5th Period of “African Students of Shao Lin Kungfu Class in the Ministry” Satisfactorily Graduated from Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of September 21, 2017, the graduation ceremony of “African Students of Shao Lin Kungfu Class in the Ministry” successfully held in Shaolin Temple. The eighteen students from Togo, Congo, Ivory Coast, Chad and so on, who practiced the martial arts and meditation with great concentration, were about to return home by studying seriously for more than three months. Kang Jie, Under Secretary of Henan Provincial Department of Culture, Shi Yongxin, the abbot of Shaolin, Yan Kang, Shedra master and so on attended the graduation ceremony.

During the three months of Shaolin Kongfu training, masters of teaching of Shaolin Temple carefully arranged the training courses including rich martial-arts practicing courses, Chinese, calligraphy, Zen culture, massage, acupuncture of the courses of traditional Chinese culture and so on. All of this made the students learning excellent martial arts from Shaolin Temple while they could also appreciate Chinese nation's rich cultural intension. Abbot Master Shi Yongxin and masters of temple gave them special care and attention in respect of their basic necessities, study and training and so on. These African students could totally concentrate on Shaolin meditation life by helping them overcome the pain of homesickness and various lifestyle differences. After three months of practice and experience, everyone enhanced self-culture while acquiring the joy of Zen and Bliss.

At the scene of graduation ceremony

At the graduation ceremony, representative of the students passionately expressed: “I, standing for all the students of African class, would like to thank great monk Shi Yongxin. We want to appreciate you sincerely because this journey of Shaolin Temple really means a lot to us. We are truly fortunate to have the privilege to come to China, this beautiful country, to learn traditional culture. Under the influence of culture of martial arts, meditation, religion and so on, we have experienced the supreme essence of Chinese traditional culture.

Abbot Yongxin addressing

At the graduation ceremony, Abbot Yongxin spoke that, “So far there have been hundreds of African disciples to graduate successfully in Shaolin Temple. We are seeing that a series of excellent students have taken leave from here and will carry forward Shaolin culture and continue China-Africa friendship better. And that’s what Ministry of Culture, Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Shaolin Temple hope.” “Sharing of cultural diversity is one of the development concepts which promote foreign exchange of Shaolin culture. Each period students of African class are not only the important carriers of communication and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture in Africa, but also stand for continuous friendship of two peoples between China and Africa.” He also hoped that students could still keep practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, transmit Chinese excellent traditional culture with Shaolin culture as the representative, and bring them to every corner of Africa after studies abroad.

Kang Jie, deputy director addressing

Representative of the students addressing

Students showing Shaolin Kung Fu

At the graduation ceremony, Kang Jie, deputy director expressed her congratulations to African students who had completed their studies. She also offered her appreciation to Shaolin Temple for giving great support to training courses, “You’ve learned the true literacy of Zen, Martial arts and Zen-medicine through your own efforts. I hope that all of you could continue to study diligently and practice hard, constantly improve your own skills and spread and carry forward what you have learned. It is hoped more African people could get to know more about Shaolin Temple and Chinese culture through your modeling and leading role. You will become ambassadors who promote the friendship between China and Africa and make your own contribution to the development of China- Africa friendly relations.”

Representative of the students also said that, “The 5th period’s class of African students will spread what we have learned here as much as possible after returning. Just like the book Shaolin Temple in My Heart says: ‘My task is to keep working hard and continue to pass on experiences of forefathers.’ We will carry forward Shaolin Temple culture in Arica through teaching practice, cultural exchanges and lectures in all kinds of institutions.”

Students singing the song Shaolin Shaolin for guests

Abbot Yongxin and Kang Jie, deputy director expressing their satisfactions with the harvest of students

Abbot Yongxin and Kang Jie, deputy director issuing the certificate for students

The eighteen African students completed their own excellent performances in the wonderful show of Shaolin martial arts skills. They showed Group Boxing, Pictographic Boxing, Group Cudgel and Shaolin weapons successively and sang the song Shaolin Shaolin for guests. Shaolin warrior monks also demonstrated Shaolin Kung Fu for students. All of them had received audiencesprolonged applause. 

Then Abbot Yongxin and Kang Jie, deputy director issued the certificate for African students and took pictures with them. (Editor: Chan Yue)

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