July 15 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar in Ding You Year——Holding Bon-odori Festival in Shaolin Temple

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September 5, 2017, the 15th day of seventh lunar month, namely Bon-odori festival of Buddhism. Bon-odori festival was grandly held in the Main Hall of Shaolin Temple, which is to pray for peace and prosperity and give thanks for Buddha in preaching to all sentient beings.

Offerings on the Bon-odori

Abbot Yongxin burnedjoss sticks and bowed

The monks chanted sutras and bowed

Abbot Yongxin burned joss sticks and performed religious ceremonies while holding the Bon-odori festival to present the tribute, bow and make full prostrations and release souls from purgatory for all ancestors in the Mahavira Hall of Shaolin Temple with the monks and followers from the ten directions at 9:30 AM. 

Northern Panshan Shaolin temple held Bon-odori festival

On the same day, one of the subordinate monasteries of Shaolin Temple——Northern Panshan Shaolin temple of Tianjin ceremoniously held Bon-odori festival. Shedra master Yan Pei performed religious ceremonies to be grateful to fertility and gratefulness of seven-generation parents. Buddhism believes that Bon-odori can ransom parents and deceased relatives from the bondage of the world. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Yue Hailong, Yue Long)

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