Shaolin Summer Campus 2017 in Italy

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"While some students of "Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan - Shaolin Quan Fa Milan", along with other students of "Shaolin Quan Fa Italy" directed by Shaolin monk Shi Yanhui Shaolin are in China for the wonderful living journey at the Shaolin Temple, "Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan - Shaolin Quan Fa Milan" from 25 July to 12 August 2017 has proposed 2 Shaolin Summer Campus at Healing Meditation Centre in Albagnano (near "Maggiore Lake") and its Branch in Piedmont.

The first Campus was dedicated to Shaolin Gong-fu, Qi-gong and Rou-Quan; the second Campus to Shaolin Qi-Gong, Xi-Sui-Jing and Shaolin TongZiGong. Along with an intense outdoor physical practice in the woods and in the river, each Campus has daily offered Chan Buddhist Ceremony with chanting of Sutra, recitation of Shaolin precepts and Chan Meditation sessions at sunrise in the Buddha Hall, in the surrounding nature. Also this year the participants were numerous and from all over Italy: among the participants the oldest was 76 years old, while the youngest was 12 years old. Each participant has practiced with seriousness and intensity, drawing great benefit and testifying that Shaolin Culture, with its bio-energy martial arts, can actually be helpful to everyone, at any age. The second Campus attended by an elderly lady with serious respiratory problems: she has remained very happy and she has benefited greatly from the practice of Shaolin Qigong, all this because Shaolin Culture offers real tools to support health and prevent disease.

Furthermore, every day there were moments of Sanga for the deepening of Chan Buddhism Philosophy and the specific technical characteristics of Shaolin Gong-fu, Qi-Gong, Rou-Quan and TongZiGong: a great educational support for the theoretical study has been offered by the new books of Shaolin Encyclopaedia in Italian language, written by Shifu Shi Hengchan with translation from the original Chinese texts.

Finally, as well as what "we think we become" and "we are what we eat", like in the Restaurant "Shaolin State of Joy" inside Shaolin Temple in China, every summer campus has offered healthy and energetic vegan and raw meals (with only plant foods, like rice, tofu, soya beans, chinese green tea, seaweed, vegetables and fruits) cooked by Shifu Shi Hengding (responsible of "Shaolin State of Harmony" inside Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan) in accordance with the teachings of Buddha to safeguard and protect each living being: all participants have greatly appreciated vegan meals, testifying that you can eat well, have good health and have better results in the practice of Shaolin martial arts without eating meat and without harming any animals.

Thanks to all participants for their great commitment, interest and determination shown! With the advice to continue training in order to consolidate to the best all what learned during these special Shaolin Summer Campus 2017, Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding wish all a peaceful and constructive life, always with heart, mind and spirit turned to the Good, on the Way of Dharma."

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