The 1st Black Vs. White Competition (Weiqi) Convened

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At 8:30 am, Aug. 1, 2017, the 1st Black Vs. White Competition (Weiqi) was convened at the Grand Meditation Chaple of Shaolin Temple. The event was sponsored by China Songshan Shaolin Temple, supported by Biyuan Holding Group Co., Ltd., and jointly hosted by Shandong Jianbang Holding Group. Having battled against one another online for a month, the 8 contestants stood out from thousands of Weiqi players and were well prepared for the decisive battle in Songshan Mountain. The final winner was expected to challenge Gu Li, the well-known professional Weiqi player. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Yue Long, Zhang Hailong, Wang Haitao)

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