Shaolin Annual Evaluations by Greek Shaolin Cultural Center

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Shaolin Annual Evaluations for Academic year 2016-2017 was successfully completed on Friday 14th of July 2017 with the Evaluation of 100 male and female Students of the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center.

Master Shi Yan Kong, head of Shaolin Cultural Center of Athens, said that the Evaluation Session is part of the Cultural Heritage of Shaolin and for this reason is of great importance because it gives validity to the systematic study of the Shaolin Culture and elevates the level of techniques and theory of Shaolin Culture. He spoke about the progress that each student had made and he encouraged all of them to work harder to incorporate the healthy Shaolin way of living into each personal daily life.

The general supervision of the evaluation process, was held by the Shaolin Master Shi Yan Zhuo - official representative of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin and Shaolin Temple for Greece - who, throughout the Academic Year 2016—2017, through regular weekly Shaolin stages in various cities of Greece, supervised the educational and cultural work of the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center's Collaborating Clubs, ensuring the reliability, completeness and accuracy in the dissemination and spread of Shaolin Culture.



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