The 2nd Shanliang(Kindness) Festival Held in Baitu Temple Xuchang

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On the morning of July 12, 2017, aimed at delivering benevolence and good will, as well as carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and positive energy, the 2nd Shanliang(Kindness) Festival was held in Baitu Temple in Xuchang. Abbot master Yanji of Baitu Temple, master Yanbin, monastic host of Shaolin Temple, master Yanfeng, Yanlun, and hundreds of buddhist disciples attended the opening ceremony. (Editor: Zou Xiang)


Gate to Baitu Temple in Xuchang


Abbot master Yanji of Baitu Temple delivers a speech


Praying Dharma Assembly


Liberation for Survival


The elderly of Baitu Temple receive free wheelchairs and walking sticks


Henan Opera Show


Master Yanji distributes porridge to buddhist disciples


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