Shaolin Annual Examinations 2016-2017 at Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan

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"From June 27 to 30, 2017 at Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan-Shaolin Quan Fa Milano, took place the "SHAOLIN ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017", both for students of amateur Shaolin courses and for students of Shaolin Vocational Training. After the initial Chan Buddhist Ceremony, students of all amateur Shaolin courses (Shaolin Gong-fu, Qi-gong, Tong-zi-gong, Rou-Quan, Taijiquan, Self Defense and Chan Meditation) of all levels (beginner--intermediate--advanced) in several days based on the discipline of reference, attended the written (or oral with final thesis discussion) theoretical examinations and practical examinations.


The students of Vocational Training, in addition to having supported the theoretical+practical examinations and the teaching test, had to create and discuss a final written thesis dedicated to Shaolin discipline studied at the presence of External Commissioner of Examination, Gualtiero Scola, actor, theater director, tango dancer, Kendo athlete.

Among the Shaolin amateur students, the oldest was over 60 years old, while the youngest was 3 years old. Among the Shaolin Vocational Training students, were several professionals from different fields, as a postural therapist, business managers, elementary school teacher, visual artist, computer programmer, etc. This is because, really, Shaolin Culture and its three jewels (CHAN- YI - WU), can affect people of any age, class, race, religion.

Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding, head of Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan, after having  conducted all examination sessions, spoke highly about the progress that each student had made and they encouraged all of them to work harder to incorporate the healthy Shaolin Culture into each personal daily life.

Thanks to all participants for their commitment and passion shown towards the Arts of Shaolin Millennial Tradition, UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Special thanks to Shaolin Monk Shi Yanhui - official representative of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin for Italy- who, throughout the Academic Year 2016--2017,through regular monthly Shaolin stages in Milan, supervised the intense educational and cultural work of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan, ensuring authenticity and completeness of teaching and transmission of Shaolin Martial and Therapeutic Arts."


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