Seminar On TCM and Chan Medicine

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Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center by continuing steadfastly the permanent effort to promote Shaolin Tradition and the dissemination of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi tradition held a seminar on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine and Chan Medicine on Saturday 08, April 2017. The seminar was addressed to the public of Thessaloniki City and took place at the headquarters of the Real Path Shaolin Cultural Center with its speaker Dr. Zhang Kejoun Stelios, the well-known doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, at the invitation of the founder and director of EPOKES, Master Shi Yan Zhuo.


Dr. Chang, graduated in 1983 from Guang Zhou University of China which has been recognized as the second best in studies on TCM in China. Since 1988 Dr. Chang is located in Thessaloniki and contributes tirelessly to human suffering and improvement on quality of life.


The seminar began with a brief history and origins of TCM. Then it was analyzed what is Qi the vital energy, meridians, acupuncture points, the different types of energy, the effects of emotions on vital organs, how can TCM use their relationship for better therapeutic results.


Dr. Chang mentioned that part of the therapeutic regimen in TCM is the practice on Internal Arts like Qi Gong and Shaolin Rou Quan, the Shaolin "Soft fist" which is the precursor of widespread and scientifically documented Tai Ji. The opportunity was given to make parallels from medical chiropractic respectively to traditional exercises in Shaolin Qi Gong like Ba Dua Jin etc.


The doctor concluded the seminar with a speech on Shaolin Kung Fu, he said that pretty much anyone could learn self-defense, but the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu was to know ourselves, through the cultivation of the spirit and the development of combat virtue as it was also required after all through Shaolin Wude.

"In more than 1500 years’ legacy of Shaolin culture since the establishment of Shaolin Temple in 495AD, Shaolin Medicine was declared as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind with its authenticity, peculiarity and uniqueness. It is our duty and our obligation to preserve and to transmit the ancient knowledge to future generations” , stated the director of EPOKES, Master Shi Yan Zhuo.(Text/Photo: Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center)

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