Buddhist Ancestor-worshipping Rite of Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of April 2nd, 2017, the 6th day of the third lunar month, falls on the eve of Qingming Festival, monks of Shaolin Temple held the Buddhist Ancestor-worshipping Rite in the traditional way under the lead of abbot of Shaolin Monastery Master Shi Yongxin, and the fourfold assembly attended the rite with great joy.

Blessig Prayer is held at Shaolin Temple's Mahaviro Hall.

The Right Reverend Abbot Shi Yongxin presides over the ceremony.


Shaolin Buddhist monks head for Pagoda Forest to worship ancestors and patriarches of Shaolin Temple.

Buddhist Ancestor-worshipping Rite on the eve of Tomb Sweeping Day

A group photo

Furthermore, all monks of Shaolin Temple and Buddhist votaries there prayed together for world peace, wellness of mankind and the permanence of Buddhist Dharma in the solemn sound of Sanskrit chanting. (Text: Zou Xiang  Photo: Master Yandi)


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