The Celebration of "Songshan Shaolin Temple Day"

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Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center in Virginia

Shaolin Temple USA Culture Center in Herndon, Virginia celebrated “Songshan Shaolin Temple Day” and its own 7th anniversary on March 18, 2017. This special event included a joint Shaolin Kung Fu performance by the center’s Shifus and students and an awards ceremony for outstanding students and volunteers.

Master Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA established the Herndon center in 2010, the 3rd Shaolin culture center that he set up in the United States since 2007. Venerable Abbot Yongxin visited the center in May 2011 and transmitted invaluable teachings to the students.

China Songshan Shaolin Temple Day

Remarks by special guests Mr. Mike Andrews and Ms. Denise Desiderio

Remarks by Master Yanran, head of Shaolin Temple USA

The celebration began with a Buddhist prayer for world peace, followed by Master Yanran’s opening remarks. He gave an account of the origin of Songshan Shaolin Temple Day in America and a brief history of Shaolin Temple USA’s founding and mission. Honored guests Mr. Mike Andrews, Staff Director & Chief Counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs; Denise Desiderio, Policy Director for the National Congress of American Indians; and Hank Chao, Managing Director of the International Student Exchange Program at Leadership Foundation were also invited to address the audience and present awards to students for their outstanding achievements.

Awards ceremony

Master Yanran presented special awards to volunteers in recognition and appreciation of their enduring support of the Herndon center in the past seven years.

The performance was a huge success. Themed “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,”depicting scenes from Shaolin warrior monks’ Kung Fu training through the four seasons, the Shifus and students showcased a dazzling array of Shaolin traditional fist, weapon, Wellness Qigong forms and Hard Qigong feats, mesmerizing and inspiring the audience with their vitality, martial art prowess, and the legendary Shaolin warrior’s spirit of valor and diligence.

Shaolin Kungfu Show

Master Yanran reminded everyone of the profound and wondrous Shaolin cultural heritage encompassing Chan, Kung Fu, medicine and the arts. He underscored the complementary relationship between strengthening the body and cultivation of the mind, or between Kung Fu and Chan, as the essential factor for good health and longevity.

A group photo

Seven years after its establishment in 2010, the Shaolin spirit of compassion, wisdom and harmony exhibited in the Herndon center’s Kung Fu lessons and performances for local community and schools has been embraced by the local communities with respect, love and support. Shaolin Kung Fu has rooted itself as a local culture in the heart of America. In addition, because of its location, the Herndon center also serves as a window through which Shaolin Culture further spreads to people from all of the United States and the world. The Shifus and staff of the center vowed to continue their dedicated efforts to bringing excellent Shaolin Kung Fu classes and cultural life to the local international communities.(Text & Photos: Tai An and others)



Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA

On March 18th, 2017, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA celebrated the "Songshan Shaolin Temple Day", furthermore, California State Assembly unanimously passed resolution to designate March 21 as "Songshan Shaolin Temple Day" in 2004.



The Blessing Prayer


Experiencing Chan Meditation

Donzens of foreign Shaolin disciples and Shaolin culture lovers held a Blessing Prayer at Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA, praying for world peace and people's well-being at 9:00a.m.. Besides, all the attendees experienced Chan Meditation after the Dharma Assembly.




Shaolin Kungfu Test

More importantly, A Shaolin Kungfu Test was held in the center, and the students and disciples were judged by the masters of the center on Shaolin Kungfu performance, including Shaolin Weaponry, Shaolin Boxing, Chan Meditationa and so on and so forth. In the end, the students were encouraged to work hard on Kungfu practice in ways that more and more human beings can benefit with the healthy lifestyle of Shaolin Temple.(Editor: Chanyue)



Los Angeles Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy

On March 19th, 2017, Los Angeles Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy celebrated the "Songshan Shaolin Temple Day" with nearly a hundred Buddhist devotees, students and parents.



Blessing Prayer for the new training center  



Shaolin Kungfu Practice

The head of Los Angeles Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy Master Yanyue said that Shaolin Kungfu played an important part in Chinese Martial Arts, and by setting up Shaolin Cultural Centers all over the world, Shaolin Temple wishes to share its healthy lifestyle and to spread the idea of compassion, enlightenment, bravery and hard-working.


An old man appreciates the miniature models of the Eighteen Weapons of Shaolin.  


Playing Games

A Blessing Prayer was held before the celebration, and the director of Los Angeles Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy Master Yanyue, the head of Kuanyin Temple Master Xiuhui, Master Yanhui of Arcadia Shaolin Kungfu Academy and Master Yanqing of OC(Orange County)Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center presided over the ceremony.


A group photo

Shaolin Kungfu was showcased at the celebration, including Shaolin Fist, Shaolin Weapons and Yi jin jing of Shaolin, and games as well as lucky draw was prepared by the academy. Moreover, people from different races, beliefs and cultures appreciated Shaolin culture in a warm atmosphere. (Editor: Chanyue)







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