Shaolin Chan Medicine and Arts Lecture

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At the invitation of Hellenic Pasteur Schools, head of Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center, Master Yanzhuo, accompanied by Master Yankong and Master Miaoyuan gave a lecture on Shaolin Chan Medicine, Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin Rou Quan at Hellenic Pasteur Schools Conference Center at 11a.m. on March 9th, 2017.




At the seminar, Master Yanzhuo gave an introduction to the "Chan-Wu-Yi"(Chan Cultivation-Martial Arts-Buddhism Medicine) Culture of Shaolin Chan School, and voiced his opinion on Western Medicine and Mordern Disease, saying that the medical theory put forward by Shaolin Chan Medicine, Rou Quan and Qigong could cure many diseases from both its roots and symptoms.




Master Miaoyuan, the General Director of the Real Path Shaolin Cultural Center of Thessaloniki, said that during the last years there have been many documented studies by global health organizations which strongly indicate that the engagement with Rou Gong [soft arts like taijiquan or shaolin rou quan], is now one of the most suggested supplementary exercises which can help to: cognitive, sleep quality, circulatory, respiratory arthritis, Parkinson, chronic pain rehabilitation, blood pressure, Osteoporosis, memory, balance, muscle strength and many more diseases.

Shaolin disciples from Real Path Shaolin Cultural Center of Thessaloniki demonstrated the outstanding Shaolin Rou Quan for the audience which erupted with applause. At the end of the lecture, Master Yanzhuo present the Shaolin Qigong and amazed all with his knowledge and the smplicity of his teaching. Everyone who attended the demonstration of the Greek Shaolin Master, delighted and expressed keen interest in further study and work on Traditional Arts of Shaolin Temple.




Since 1967 the Hellenic Pasteur Schools work to train professionals in the public health field and play a very important role for the development of microbiology paramedical professions, nursing, etc. For the Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center it was a great opportunity to show the traditional arts of Shaolin Temple in the enthusiastic crowd. Said Master Yankong the General Director of the Athens Shaolin Cultural Center.(Hellenic Shaolin Cultural Center)

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