Shaolin Temple USA Honored with Outstanding Parade Performance Award

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(March 2, 2017, San Francisco) Shaolin Temple USA was announced as a Silver Award recipient of the 2017 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. This is the 6th award that Shaolin Temple USA received including two gold awards for outstanding performance from the Parade.




2017 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco


The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade started in the 1860's by the Chinese in San Francisco to celebrate Chinese new year, and as a means to educate the community about their culture. The Parade and Festival have grown to be a major event in San Francisco, the largest celebration of Asian culture outside of Asia, and a top ten parade in the world.






Shaolin Temple USA Procession


This year, one hundred and forty teams were selected from a large number of applicants to participate in the parade held on February 11. A wide variety of floats, dance, martial arts, lion and dragon dances, tilts, folk lore and customs, dramatic characters, etc. made up a colorful and festive procession that showcased Chinese and Chinese American culture by community groups from diverse ethnic backgrounds, schools and universities, professional arts groups and business. Tens of thousands of firecrackers were set off. Over one million spectators packed fifteen block on the parade route. The festivity was shared with global audience through live TV coverage on KTVU Fox-2, KTSF-26 and live web streaming.



A group photo


                           People from different races are happy to share joy.
Shaolin Temple USA performed the Shaolin Five Animals Fist, a lively, lifelike and unique fist form featuring the tiger, crane, eagle, snake and praying mantis. It is a relatively demanding routine in terms of martial arts skills. Coupled with the Shifus’ breathtaking display of traditional Chinese weapons, Team Shaolin Temple USA wowed audiences of all ages who rewarded them with roaring applauses and cheers.

Last year, Shaolin Temple USA’s presentation opened the live telecast of the parade. This year, the team was assigned to the finale segment, and together with the 200-feet golden dragon brought the parade to its climatic conclusion.(Report: Tai An  Photos: Alan Cao and others)


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