OC Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center,USA to Mark the Lantern Festival

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On Feb.11, 2017, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, is an important traditional festival for the Chiense people--the Lantern Festival, so the OC(Orange County)Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center,USA was invited by the primary and middle schools in Orange County to celebrate the festival at the Children Museum.




Lessons on practicing Shaolin kungfu


Shaolin Kungfu Show

Besides, following the lead of Master Yanqing, masters of the center headed for the local primary and middle schools to teach the students to practice Chinese martial arts.





Lion Dance



Children celebrate the Lantern Festival in traditional Chinese costumes.


Furthermore, OC Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center also prepared the splendid performances at the Children Museum, including the Shaolin Kungfu and the Lion dance and so on, hundreds of local people were enthralled by the interesting show. What's more, the students dressed up the traditional Chinese costumes cheongsam holding the oil-paper umbrellas to mark the Lantern Festival in their own way. (Editor: Chan Yue)


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