China SongShan Shaolin Temple to Greet the Spring Festival

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On Jan.27, 2017, following the lead of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin, monks of Shaolin Temple celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival according to the traditions that last for over one thousand years, which including posting couplets, hosting ancestor-worshipping rite, tolling the bell for blessings and so on and so forth. Furthermore, there were Buddhist worshipers and children from Shaolin Charity House also joined the celebration event. (News: Zou Xiang, Yue Long  Photo: Master Yandi)


Evening Chanting in praying for the prosperity of our country and people


Sacrifice Offering Ceremony on New Year's Eve


Shaolin monks head for the Hall of Abbot to ring in the New Year on New Year's Eve.


Children from Shaolin Charity House extend their new year greetings to Ven.Abbot Yongxin.


Ven. Abbot Yongxin tolls the bell to ring in the New Year.


Firefighters work to safeguard the security of Shaolin Temple on New Year's Eve.


Shaolin disciples eat dumplings to celebrate the Spring Festival on New Year's Day.

The Sacrifice Offering Assembly