Overseas Shaolin Cultural Centers Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival

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※OC (Orange County) Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center, USA

Dozens of Shaolin culture lovers form different countries and nations gathered at OC (Orange County) Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center, USA to attend the Spring Festival Party celebrating this special traditional Chinese festival on Jan.22 at 3:00p.m.



OC (Orange County) Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center, USA prepared a variety of excellent programs.


OC (Orange County) Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center, USA gives lucky money to the children.

Later on, following the lead of Master Yanqing, the head of the center, Shaolin culture lovers held a Buddhist Blessing Prayer at 3:30p.m. aims at praying for the prosperity of our country and our people and wishing everyone good health and a happy family.




Talent Show

Besides, Master Yanqing said that as a Chinese, one should never forget to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival wherever he was in the welcome ceremony. Furthermore, with the strong support of the local people, it was the third Spring Festival that the center got through with the local Shaolin culture lovers, and he hoped that Shaolin culture lovers could continue to support Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Cultural Center so as to benefit more people with the healthy lifestyle of Shaolin.


The delicious vegetarian food  


A group photo  

More importantly, the center also prepared a variety of excellent programs for the guests at the party, including the Tanlent Show, Kungfu Games, Kungfu Show, and so on and so forth, and the party was a great success with laughter and applause. (Editor: Chan Yue)



※Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in City of Chino Hills

On Jan.22, 2017, Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in City of Chino Hills attended the "The Anniversary of the Founding of Chinese American Federation & 2017 Spring Festival Gala" at the federation's invitation, with the marvelous Shaolin Kungfu Show, the center had been widely recognized among the guests.

Shaolin Kungfu Show at the celebration

The brilliant Shaolin Kungfu Show

At the celebration

Furthermore, Master Shi Yanyi, the head of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in City of Chino Hills and the students hoped to send the best wishes to everyone through Shaolin Kungfu Show, with a view to bring Dharma joy to the local people by spreading Shaolin culture.(News: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang  Photo: Shi Yanyi)



※Lithuanian Shaolin Cultural Center

On Jan.25, 2017, Lithuanian Shaolin practitioners gathered in Lithuanian Shaolin Cultural Center to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival and practiced Shaolin Kungfu together. Furthermore, Lithuanian Shaolin Cultural Center Wish Everyone a Happy New Year Of the Fire Rooster 2017!(News: Lithuanian Shaolin Cultural Center)










Greek Shaolin Cultural Center

On January 27, 2017, the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center, [EPOKES] celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival, which was held in White Lotus Shaolin Cultural Centre, at Vironas, Athens. The traditional festival of the Chinese New Year, is organized every year by the General Director of EPOKES, Master Shi Yanzhuo, and all the EPOKES sub-centers attend together with their members, friends, students and their families to celebrate this auspicious event.


At 5pm, on Friday, the "White Lotus" Shaolin Center, started to welcome friends of Shaolin Culture, who came from various regions of Greece, Germany and China. In this year's celebration, attended and honored it with his presence, the President of the Greek Wushu - Kung Fu Federation, Mr Stamoulis Lambros who spoke about the Greek Wushu - Kung Fu Federation, the Chinese martial arts and the positive contribution of all the clubs and masters on the development of a healthy organization and concluded with wishes for health, progress and follow up with goals and successes.


More than 250 attendees, friends of the Chinese and Shaolin Culture, celebrated in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the coming of the New Year of the Rooster, enjoyed the rich buffet with salty and sweet food and exchanged greetings, the most important of which is as always, health.

On the occasion of this celebration, the General Director of EPOKES, Master Yanzhuo addressed a brief greeting to all friends of Chinese Culture and Chineese tradition:

This year is the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Chinese year of the rooster is characterized by strength, honesty, dedication, dignity and kindness, qualities that we must cultivate the new year and marks a time of change in many areas and new beginnings.
Furthermore, with the completion of this year's celebration, the General Director of the Athens Shaolin Cultural Center, Master Shi Yan Kong said:

The biggest festival in China and the Chinese abroad, is the Spring Festival and is associated with family gatherings and visits to relatives. The traditional dinner of New Year, is the annual coming together of family members. So we, the great family of Greek Shaolin, since we are familiar for more than 30 years with the Chinese traditions which are something that we like, every year we meet, drink, eat, exchange greetings and good wishes to spend creatively and create pleasant memories.


Greek Shaolin Cultural Center wishes a Happy New Year to all the Shaolin Family.(News/Photo: Greek Shaolin Cultural Center)



Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan

From January 27 to 28, Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan celebrated the traditional Chinese New Year 2017--the Year of the Rooster.




On Jan.27, the celebration began with a Blessing Prayer in the chanting of “Da Fo Ding Shou Leng Yan Zho”, and then Shifu Shi Hengchan explained the origin and traditions of the Spring Festival as well as the Shaolin Gong-Ji-quan ( rooster style). In addition, a special tea ceremony and delicious food was prepared for the Shaolin Culture lovers, and every participant received a Chinese calendar 2017 as a gift before they left.


On January 28, the Spring Festival was celebrated in the Gong-Fu Hall with a special Shaolin Qi-gong seminar. Later on, Prof.Marco Bertona offered an introductory course to tea and Tea Master Nan Xi offered a new Gong-Fu Cha Ceremony and a special tasting of Chinese teas in the Cha Hall.




In the end, Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding thank to all the participants, whishing a Happy Rooster Year 2017 to all with a view that the spirit and the teachings of Shaolin can be spread in every corner of the world.(News: Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan)



Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USALos Angeles Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy

On Jan.14, the "36th Asian American Expo & Chinese Spring Festival Celebration" was held at the Pomona Fairplex in L.A., Los Angeles Shaolin Kungfu Chan Academy was invited to attend the event.  


The Brilliant Shaolin Kungfu Show at the Asian American Expo  

Celebrating the Spring Festival with the local people at the Costa Mesa

Furthermore, the academy was also invited to the Chinese New Year's celebration in Costa Mesa on Jan.28. Additionally, the Masters and students of the center greeted the Spring Festival with the local people.(Editor: Chan Yue)



Shaolin Temple USA

On January 28, 2017, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Shaolin Temple USA brought Shaolin Kung Fu to NBA's Chinese New Year celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through television and online streaming, brought the presentation to millions of viewers.

ESPN Sportscaster: “the greatest pre-game show of all times!”

Today at its home court, the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, NBA Golden State Warriors celebrated Chinese New Year with its fans during the game vs. Los Angeles Clippers. The Warriors and the Clippers are two top ranking basketball teams in NBA. The game was telecast live on ABC Saturday Primetime and ESPN television networks.

Oracle Arena was adorned with festive new year decor. The Warriors donned “Happy New Year” themed jerseys and scored a huge victory over the Clippers.

Shaolin Temple USA was invited to showcase Shaolin Kung Fu in the celebration. Led by Master Yanran, over 30 Shifus and students performed traditonal Shaolin fist, weapons and hard qigong feats that meserized everyone in the arena. “We have the greatest pre-game show of all time, today! It’s an incredible show!” exclaimed an ESPN sportscaster, who jumped up from his seat and gave the performers a standing ovation.

A group photo at Oracle Arena

This was the second time that the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco collaborated with the Golden State Warriors to bring the full spectrum of “Happy Chinese New Year” brand identity to the NBA court. The arena was adorned with festive Chinese New Year decor. Consul General Luo Linquan and high level Warriors officials sent their best new year wishes to everyone. Dragon and lion dances added festivity to the celebration. The game ended with the Warriors’ big win over the Clippers at 144 to 98.


Furthermore, in the evening of January 28, 2017, Shaolin Temple USA opened the celebration program at the Chinese New Year Gala hosted by the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford, and celebrated Chinese new year with over 2,000 Chinese students and scholars at Stanford Memorial Auditorium. The gala was televised live on Sinavision TV and streamed on a number of websites.

World renowned articial intellegence expert Professor Li Feifei gave her Chinese new year greetings. Dr. Li joins Google Cloud to lead a machine learning unit in 2007.

Shaolin Temple USA’s Shifus showcase of traditional Shaolin fist, weapons, animal forms and hard qigong was awarded thunderous applauses by the audience.

Stanford University is a leading institution of higher learning and research in the world. Here gathers an active elite community of Chinese students and distinguished scholars. This year, Professor Li Fei-Fei, Director of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab delivered an inspiring new year message. The 3-hour celebration began with enthusiastic applauses for Shaolin Temple USA shifu’s Kung Fu performance followed by a variety show of music, dance and comedy sketches, to usher in a happy and auspicious lunar new year.(Report: Tai An. Photos: Lich Tran)



Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA

On Jan.28, 2017, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA held a grand Lamp Transmission Ceremony in Temple City, Los Angeles to mark the Chinese Spring Festival as well as pray for the local people and overseas Chinese, at the same time the center also introduced Chinese New Year's customs to the youngsters. Moreover, there were about 200 people of different races joined the event.(News/Photo: Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA)

At the Blessing Prayer  

Making Dumplings

A group photo



Shaolin Temple Athens, in Greece

On Jan 28th, Shaolin Temple Greece, celebrated the annual big Chinese cultural event, Chinese New Year 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster.




There is a Rooster year every 12 years, beginning at Chinese New Year. A year of the Rooster always comes after a Monkey year and before a Dog year. In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth. Both the zodiac sign and the element shape the astrology of the year. Year 2017 is a Fire Rooster year. Element-sign combinations recur every 60 years.




The celebration began at 17:30 with Buddhist ceremony. Master Shi Yan Xiang, 34thgeneration Shaolin monk and founder - director of Shaolin Temple Greece, led the ceremony with everyone reciting the Heart and Diamond Sutra.

At 19:00, having opened the doors of the Temple to the attendees and after they bought their lottery ticket, he welcomed all of them with a short speech wishing a Happy Chinese New Year, with world peace, health and happiness.




After that they watched a 20 minutes dynamic traditional Shaolin Chanwu by the students of the Temple, which they loved and applauded it.

A lottery took part next with the first winner, won a 50% discount on the price of an airplane ticket, on our next trip to China. Besides, vegetarian food served to everybody. Once again, the center tried to promote Shaolin and Chinese culture generally and brought happiness to the faces of young and old people.



Master Shi Yan Xiang and all members of Shaolin Temple Greece, wished the Abbot of Shaolin Temple Master Shi Yongxin and all the monks a very Happy Chinese New Year! (News: Shaolin Temple Athens, in Greece)

Shi Yanbin’s Qigong and Kung-fu School in Moscow, Russia

On January 28, 2017, Moscow-based Master Shi Yanbin's Shaolin Qi Gong and Kung-fu School held a solemn celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year of Fire Rooster.



During the celebration the instructors of the school gave a performance named "36 Chambers of Shaolin" and showed their mastery of Hard Qi Gong--Tiebushan. A traditional Chinese Lion dance was accompanied by the live music. In order to bring luck and happiness into their lives, the guests learnt to tie Chinese knots. Another memorable part of the event included a presentation about Shaolin Temple's history and watched the photos of the monastery, both modern and dating back to ancient times. So far the Spring Festival Celebration in Moscow concluded successfully.(News/Photo: Shi Yanbin’s Qigong and Kung-fu School in Moscow, Russia)


Italy Shaolin Fist Union

On Jan.28, 2017, the first day of the first lunar month, the Chinese New Year celebration, organized by the Chinese Embassy in Italy, was held at the beautiful People's Square. Following the lead of Master Shi Yanhui--director of Italy Shaolin Fist Union, the students were invited to attend the celebration event. Besides, the event was attended by Chinese Ambassador to Italy Mr. Li Ruiyu, Rome's Mayor Virginia Raggi, Vice-minister of Italian Ministry of Culture Mr. Dario Franceschini and overseas Chinese.


A group photo of Master Shi Yanhui and Chinese Ambassador to Italy Mr. Li Ruiyu

A group photo of Master Shi Yanhui and president of Lazio Mr. Cadido

Students from Italy Shaolin Fist Union demonstrate Shaolin Kungfu.

The brilliant Lion Dance

A group photo


Italy Shaolin Fist Union is invited to see the Serie A at the Italian Olympic Football Field.

Moreover, in order to enhance the specific flavor of Chinese culture, Master Shi Yanhui and Shaolin disciples demonstrated the outstanding Shaolin Kungfu for the viewers during the celebration performance, which including Shaolin Boxing, Group Boxing and Shaolin Weaponry, etc, and the spectators showered the team with non-stop cheers and bravos.(News: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang  Photo: Master Shi Yanhui)



※UK Shaolin Xiu Center

A grand celebration was organized by UK Shaolin Xiu Center in celebrating the Chinese New Year on Jan. 29, 2017, which including the Blessing Prayer, Talent Show, Lion Dance, Vegetarian Lunch and so on and so forth. Besides, the celebration began at 10:00a.m. and ended at 4:30p.m..

A group photo of Master Yanxiu and the Venerable Masters

At the Preaching Ceremony

At the Celebration 

Lion Dance

The Venerable Masters give an enlightenment with compassion.

Vegetarian Lunch  

A group photo of the Venerable Masters and the students  

More importantly, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Center Master Yanxiu, Master Jingtong, Master Guangde, Venerable Dr. Kassapa, Venerable R. Nandaloka, and Venerable K. Gnanaseea from Birmingham attended the activity and presided over the Buddhist ceremony. Moreover, about 700 people took part in the celebration.(News: Lay Buddhist Yanxiang  Photo: UK Shaolin Xiu Center)


※Maryland Shaolin Cultural Center

On Feb.4, 2017, the 8th day of the 1st lunar month, following the lead of the head of Maryland Shaolin Cultural Center Shi Yanruan, students of the center headed for the LakeForest Mall to give a performance on Shaolin Kungfu at the invitation of the local government. Besides, they celebrated the Spring Festival with the local people.(Editor: Chan Yue)

Shaolin Kungfu Show

A group photo



※Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA

Feb.4, 2017 falls on the 8th day of the 1st lunar month, at the invitation of the president of Los Angeles Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA attended the 2017 Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown.(Editor:Chan Yue)




The 2017 Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown

Shaolin Kungfu Show at the Huntington Library

The Spring Festival Celebration in Chinatown, L.A.


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