Winter Retreat of Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan

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From 28th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017, Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan--Shaolin Quan Fa Milan conducted its annual Shaolin Winter Retreat & New Year Celebration away from the noise of the city, in the silence of Nature in its Branch Quarter located on the hills in Piedmont.




Participants came from different parts of Italy, and they had a good time in a friendly atmosphere in harmony with the rhythms of nature. After the Chan meditation and Shaolin Qi-Gong, Shaolin Tong-Zi-gong training classes as well as lectures on Buddhist Philosophy conducted by Shifu Shi HengChan and Shi HengDing, they watched movies about the history of Shaolin Temple and the Patriarch Bodhidharma. After the healthy vegan and raw dinner prepared together(further opportunity of sangha experience to share daily aspects of life thanks to the service of "Shaolin State of Harmony - Raw Vegan" Restaurant), the New Year 2017 was joyously welcomed with a Buddhist Chan Ceremony of thanksgiving in honor of Buddha, chanting and recitation of Sutras and the launching of auspicious Chinese lanterns.








Every participant was very satisfied with the lived experience, new friends and was very happy to welcome the New Year 2017 with serenity and confidence under the guidance of the healthy lifestyle of Shaolin Culture. (News/Photo: Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan--Shaolin Quan Fa Milan)