The New Year Lamp Offering Rite at Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center

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On Jan.1, 2017(local time), a New Year Lamp Offering Rite kicked off at Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, with the director of the center Master Yanliang presiding over the ceremony. Moreover, more than 100 overseas Chinese and students as well as Shaolin disciples of the center attended the Blessing Prayer.





Worshipping the Buddha with piety


Following the guidance of Master Yanliang, all of the Buddhist votaries worshiped the Buddha, and then moved in a circular course around the Buddha and offered sacrifice to the Buddha with Lotus Lantern in their hands at the Buddhist Prayer Room of the center, praying for world peace, social stability, a close family as well as a healthy body and mind, and the rite was proceeding solemnly. Later on, a fantastic Shaolin Kungfu Show, performed by the masters and students of the center, was rewarded with long and warm applause.





Lamp Offering Ceremony



Converted-to-Buddhism Rite



A group photo of masters and the novices


After the show, Master Yanwu from Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau gave a lecture on Shaolin Chan Medcine, the attendees were all benefit a lot from it. In the end, four disciples were converted to Buddhism, and they all swore to protect the Three Jewels and disseminate Shaolin Culture.



Shaolin Kungfu Show



Shaolin Chan Medicine Seminar


In addition, Master Yanliang conveyed the cordial greetings and good wishes of Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin, hoping that people can provide continued support to Shaolin Temple and share Shaolin Culture with more local people.(News: Zou Xiang  Photo: Master Yanliang)