Shaolin Culture End of Year Tour

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Master Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja), with the organizational support of the Shaolin Culture centers of Italy (Shaolin Wuseng Italy) Switzerland (Shaolin Wenhua Switzerland) and partners in Russia and Germany, has conducted an end of year tour which brought Shaolin culture from China to Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The tour lasted eight weeks during November and December, bringing Shaolin wisdom to over 1000 people across 5 nations.

The first destination was Italy, where a large group of Shaolin students from 5 nations experienced an intensive training retreat in nature, enjoying three days of life away from the city and absorbed only in cultivation of body, mind and spirit through all aspects of
Shaolin culture.


The second destination was the birthplace of Shaolin culture, Shaolin Temple, where Master Shi Xing Mi visited Venerable Abbot Shi Yong Xin and the monastery with a group of international guests, to discuss the development of Shaolin culture in Europe and to present the ongoing projects. Abbot Shi Yong Xin warmly welcomed and shared wise inspiring words.



One week was then spent in enjoying different Shaolin practice in the serene environment of the Temple and its beautiful autumn colours, with the participants experiencing real Shaolin life and specific training for the body, mind and spirit, with the guidance of Shi Xing Mi as well as the support of Shi Yan Long and other Masters in the Temple.




The third destination was Russia, where Shi Xing Mi spoke with university students, business leaders and cultural experts about Shaolin culture and its applications to daily modern life. Two important conferences with hundreds of participants welcomed Shaolin culture as a fascinating and useful topic, offering inspiring ways in which to address issues such as change, energy, stress, vision and balance.



The fourth destination was Germany, to contribute to a charity event supporting children education in underprivileged social environments. Master Shi Xing Mi speech focused on the values of compassion, care and generosity, inspiring the many people present to truly live these values every day in every action, big and small.



The fifth destination was Italy, for the conclusion of the academic year of the Shaolin Culture Center, where the senior students held a demonstration following the instruction of Shi Xing Mi and head coach Andrea Nardi. The event was filmed as part of a Shaolin culture project which will be launched next year, titled "The Shaolin Way".



The sixth and final destination was Switzerland, where Master Shi Xing Mi discussed with authorities the planning of a number of important activities for the new year. The meetings were followed by a training retreat in the Alps, during which to experience Shaolin practice in nature.
Over 1000 enthusiastic people, including experienced Shaolin students and complete novices, enjoyed a "taste" of Shaolin culture during this end of year tour across 5 nations, thanks to the efforts of the Masters, the organizing teams, partners and friends.

It was a fantastic way to end the year's activities and to prepare for a new year filled with further projects, bringing the wisdom of Shaolin culture to an ever growing audience of interested people of all ages and nationalities.(News & Photo: Shaolin Wenhua Switzerland)