Ancient Wisdom of Shaolin Culture & Chan Philosophy at Atlantes and TEDx

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In the first half of October the ancient wisdom of Shaolin Culture and Chan philosophy were presented in two of the most important conferences in Europe, Atlantes and TEDx.



Atlantes is a leading international business and cultural conference with thousands of participants; TEDx is the most well known inspirational events community in the world, with hundreds of talks and millions of viewers.



Master Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja), who already spoke at two TEDx events in the past, was invited to present Shaolin Culture in further depth at both Atlantes and TEDx, to audiences of several thousands live and online spectators.


The other speakers of the two conferences were very famous cultural, business and political leaders, sharing ideas about the future of society, economy, environment and technology.


Master Shi Xing Mi spoke about how to turn those ideas into reality and how to make a positive and lasting contribution through wellness, discipline, clarity, humility, courage, strength, compassion, serenity and wisdom.


The audience and other speakers were very impressed by the wisdom of Shaolin philosophy applied to the modern issues and expressed great enthusiasm towards it, gaining many inspirations for implementing some positive changes to their lives and to the organisations they lead.


Shaolin Culture was clearly perceived as an excellent support to any process of constant improvement and cultivation, for individuals and organisations of any kind: an ancient wisdom for a better modern life!(News and Photo by Shaolin Wenhua Switzerland & Shaolin Wuseng Houbeidui Italy)

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