Shaolin Chanwuyi & Taiji Summer Retreat in Greece

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On 16th to 24th of July 2016, Shaolin Temple Athens and Shaolin Temple Athens (Peristeri city branch), organized the Shaolin Chanwuyi and Taiji Summer Retreat 2016 in Kamatriades Istieas, North Evia, 3 hours driving away from the city of Athens.









The participants had the chance to experience the Shaolin Chanwuyi Culture in nature and relax their hearts and minds from negative feelings and thoughts.



Master Shi Yan Xiang, director of Shaolin Temple Athens, Greece and Shifu Alexopoulos Nikolaos taught : Traditional Shaolin form (Shaolin Da Hong Quan Er Lu), Traditional form of Qi Gong (Ba Duan Jin), Chen Tai Chi(Lao jia Yi Lu) and Chan Meditation. There was also a class for children under the age of 9.




Three vegetarian meals a day, were served for the participants, which helped them to deepen their understanding of the Shaolin Culture.(News/Photos: Shaolin Temple Athens)


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