Shaolin Culture at Asian Culture and Arts Festival in Milan

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“Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan--Shaolin Quan Fa Milan" was again invited to the 19th edition of the "Asian Culture and Arts Festival" 2016 in Milan and on June 2, Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding led two conferences in the room:



1.14:00-15:00: "CHAN MEDITATION: Science for the Evolutionary Transformation of Personality"


2.15:00-16:00: "FEEDING HEALTH: Anti-cancer Food and Shaolin Bio-Energetic Exercise"



The numerous and attentive audience that has followed the theoretical seminars of the masters, was then able to do a little practical experience of Chan Meditation and Shaolin Qi-Gong, showing further interest and appreciation for the Shaolin Culture and the work of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan and the restaurant “Shaolin State of Harmony--Raw Vegan", inside the Center, that supports and completes disclosure of Shaolin Culture in respect of Life and of all sentient beings, according to the Buddha's teaching of non-violence(non-violence is the supreme duty of the human being).



Among the many exhibitors at this 19th edition, the Publishing House OM EDITIONS has also exposed two books dedicated to the Shaolin Qi-gong and Shaolin Rou-quan written by Shifu Shi Hengchan in 2009.(News: Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan)

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