Shaolin Culture at "2nd International Conference on Mindfulness" in La Sapienza University

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From 11 to 15 May, 2016, Shaolin Quan Fa Italy--represented by "Shaolin Quan Fa Rome" and "Shaolin Quan Fa Milan/Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan"--has been invited to present Shaolin Culture at the "2nd International Conference on Mindfulness" organized by Consciousness, Mindfulness, Compassion (CMC) International Association, MacTavish Behavioral Health and Italian Association for Mindfulness (AIM) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza - Faculty of Medicine and Psychology".



Among the International Keynote Speakers of this 2nd edition:


--Shi Yanhui, Shaolin monk 34th generation, official representative of Shaolin Temple and Ven.Abbot Shi Yongxin for Italy and Responsible of Shaolin Quan Fa Association.


Professor of La Sapienza University introduces Shaolin Quan Fa Association to the audience.


--Shi Hengchan, 35th generation lay disciple Shaolin and Responsable of Shaolin Quan Fa Milan/Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan.


Through an intensive program lasted three days, the Shaolin Culture has been disclosed in the Aula Magna of “La Sapienza University” and much appreciated by Italian and international participants attended, including doctors, scientists, neuroscientists, university students and professors. The lectures and exhibition held by Shaolin Quan Fa Rome and Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan were as follows:


On Friday, May 13, 17:00-19:00 PUBLIC LECTURE: Shaolin Monk Shi Yanhui: "The three jewels of Shaolin Culture for Health"; Shi Hengchan: "Chan Meditation: pedagogical tool for the maintenance of the evolutionary trend of personality"




On the scene of the seminar


On Saturday, May 14, 16:00-17:00 SHAOLIN EXHIBITION by Shaolin Quan Fa Rome and Milan Exhibition Team (sponsored by TIM - Telecom Italia) and Shaolin Qi-gong Workshop conducted by Shifu Shi Hengchan


On Sunday, May 15, 7.30-8.30  CHAN MEDITATION CLASS conducted by Shifu Shi Hengchan



In addition, on Saturday morning, Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding were interviewed by Mr.Raymond Lam, Senior Correspondent and Editorial Writer for Buddhistdoor Global ( about Shaolin Culture in Italy.




A group photo

Shaolin Quan Fa Italy thanks Prof.Fabio Giommi (psychotherapist, Director of Nous--Postgraduate quadrennial School of Cognitive-Constructivist Psychotherapy in Milan; Founding member and President of AIM--Italian Association for Mindfulness) and Prof.Antonino Raffone (Professor of psychology at the University of Rome La Sapienza) for the kind invitation to spread Shaolin Culture in “La Sapienza University” (one of the oldest Italian university--founded in 1303) and many thanks to all international and prestigious participants intervened for the great appreciation and interest towards the Millennial Shaolin Culture and intensive work of spreading Shaolin Culture in its entirety of “Chan--Wu--Yi” carried out daily by Shaolin Monk Shi Yanhui and Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding in Rome, Milan and all over Italy.(News/Photo: Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan)







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