Team Shaolin Temple USA Excels at UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

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The 24th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT 24) opened March 12 at the Recreational Sports Facility at UC Berkeley. CMAT is one of the most influential Chinese martial arts competitions in the United States. 500 competitors from all over the United States and China participate in the tournament each year. CMAT also invites distinguished martial artists and masters to the tournament as judges and advisors.


UC Berkeley


At CMAT’s competition venue


This year, Shaolin Temple USA’s competition team comprised 20 students from Shaolin Temple Culture Centers in San Francisco and Fremont, California. Aged 6 to 40 from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the students garnered 18 gold, 12 silver and 10 bronze medals in individual events from beginner to advanced levels in different age groups.


Young students’ debut in a major open tournament.


An adult student excelled at the Advanced Division by winning 2 gold medals and a bronze medal. 

Student from Fremont Center won 1st place with a Nine-section Whip routine. 

These students each won multiple medals.


In the Group Event, two Shaolin Temple USA teams — “Brilliant Shaolin Youth Team” and “Happy Shaolin Children’s Team” won 1st and 2nd places respectively to round up their victory at CMAT 24.


 “Brilliant Shaolin Youth Team” from Fremont Center


“Happy Shaolin children’s Team” from San Francisco Center


Photo with his coach, judge and fellow competitors.


Group photo after the competition


Under the direction of Executive Director Master Yanran, Shaolin Temple USA offers its students many extramural opportunities to enhance their Kung Fu training and personal growth. Since the beginning of 2016, students have greatly benefited from their participation in the Chinese New Year Eve Gala at Facebook, the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade’s worldwide telecast opening program “Monkey King” and “Shaolin Fiery Whirlwind Staff,” and today’s competition at UC Berkeley.


UC Berkeley ranks among the top 5 universities in the world, renowned for its scientific, academic and athletic accomplishments. Berkeley faculty, alumni, and researchers have won 72 Nobel Prizes and over 100 Olympic gold medals. Chinese Martial Arts is an important component of UC Berkeley’s Martial Arts Program.(Editor: Fa Xi)



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