Shaolin Kungfu the 1st Time Practiced in Antartica

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Chiara Montanari is an Italian engineer, leading expert in innovation management and knowledge in extreme environment.


Since 2003 she has participated in several scientific expeditions around the world including missions to Antarctica, where she fell in love with this extreme, complex and beautiful environment.



Following that first mission, Chiara was Expedition Leader at the international research station Concordia on the Antarctic Plateau (2009), Head of Logistics for the French Polar Institute (2014) and Expedition Leader in the last Belgian mission to Antarctica (2016).


As part of her mental and physical preparation in her native Italy, she found the Shaolin Wuseng Italy in Milan and realised that the Shaolin approach to mind-body and environment was one of the most effective and interesting she had ever experienced, thus, she decided to join the school and between missions to Antartica she trained for two years with Master Shi Xingmi and his disciples.



Antarctica is a continent which does not belong to any country, thus, it belongs to everyone. Its territory is protected by an international agreement that forbid any military activity as well as nuclear experiments, and by a straight environmental protocol aimed to preserve its delicate ecosystem. This white continent has a wide surface, 14.000.000 km2, almost completely covered by ice and it is still partially unexplored.


Its environmental condition are so extreme that only few animal species inhabit it, these are species like emperor and adelia penguins, seals, sea-lions and whales as well as skuas and petrel birds.


For scientists Antarctica is an open laboratory in plain air and every year they move to this continent to investigate paleoclimatology and climate changes, astrophysics, oceanography, electromagnetic field and earth-sun relationships, as well as human adaptation to extreme conditions in order to study the possibilities of life in future mission on mars.


The scientists work and leave in research stations which provide them with all the survival support as well as the logistics to install their instruments or doing safe sampling in remote and dangerous areas.


During the last mission as Expedition Leader, Chiara coordinated a Belgian scientific team: the mission started in November 2015 and ended in February 2016, involving 32 people in the station and remote areas to the coast.


For Chiara, being on the ice desert is experiencing the emptiness of mind. You find yourself alone in the plane white, with nothing but ice around you: nothing moving, nothing to smell, nothing to hear......a perfect harmony akin to deep meditative state in nature.



Chiara practiced Shaolin Kung Fu and Chan meditation in the Antartica snow fields and in the international research center, enjoying the benefits of Shaolin culture in this challenging environment and sharing some exercises and ideas with her international colleagues! (News: Shi Xingmi)



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