Italy Shaolin Fist Union Invited to Attend "Oriental Culture and Arts Festival"

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The annual "Oriental Culture and Arts Festival"(FESTIVAL DELL'ORIENTE) was solemnly opened on March 6 at Emilia-Romagna. The organizers invited Master Yanhui and Shaolin disciples of Italy Shaolin Fist Union to give a speech on Shaolin culture and demonstrate the brilliant Shaolin Kungfu at the festival, which was warmly welcomed by the audience.


Master Yanhui gives a lecture on Shaolin culture.


At 11 o'clock, Master Yanhui, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union, gave a lecture on Shaolin culture at the Bologna Exhibition Hall. He intorduced the functions of Shaolin Chan Meditation, Martial Arts, Medicine as well as their positive effects on human mental and physical health in mordern society, which won waves of warm applauses from the audience. Futhermore, all of the attendees highly praised the great Shaolin culture.


Following the lead of Master Yanhui, over 50 Shaolin disciples performed the splendid Shaolin Kungfu in the afternoon, and their stunning show drew loud applauses and cheering from time to time.







Shaolin Kungfu Show


As is known to all, the "Oriental Culture and Arts Festival" in Italy is known as the " Minor Oriental Cultural Expo", which mainly displays the unique songs and dances, martial arts, customs, musical instrument and so on of oriental countries, which draws nearly 10,000 views come to join the festival every day, and many authoritative media have given the event wide coverage. The brilliant performances of Italy Shaolin Fist Union was highly accepted by the local audience, which not only provided a platform for Shaolin disciples to show their talents, but also facilitated the dissemination of Chinese culture and Shaolin culture, moreover, the Italian public also got a better understanding of the rich Chinese traditional culture. (Editor: Fa Xi)


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