China Songshan Shaolin Temple's 2016 New Year Message

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◎Shi Yongxin



On the occasion of the New Year, I, on behalf of the Permanent Residence Complex of Shaolin Temple, extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to Shaolin disciples all over the world, Shaolin culture lovers at home and abroad as well as people who care for and support Shaolin Temple.


With the change of our country day by day, Shaolin disciples all over the world also made great achievements in cultural exchange, cultural heritage, temple construction, Buddhist talents cultivation and charity in the past year, which carried forward the fine tradition of "To do no evil, to do only good" in Buddhism.


2015 was a big year for cultural exchange, on one hand, Shaolin Temple received more than 1,000 guests from over 30 countries, which including political leaders attending SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organization)conference. Our foreign friends came to Shaolin Temple to experience the rich implication of Chinese traditional culture. As the host, we warmly welcomed our guests and made our best to made them feel at home. On the other hand, the overseas exchanges boom like a hundred flowers in bloom, Overseas Shaolin Cultural Centers were merged with local culture by hosting a variety of activities, such as Kungfu Show, Culture Week, Sports Day as well as by attending local celebration activities. Moreover, riding on the spring breeze of "One Belt One Road", Shaolin Temple shared its idea of "Harmony, Compassion and Enlightenment" with the world by sending Kungfu Monk Corps to Taiwan, Vienna, Thailand to conduct "Silk Road Tours on Shaolin Culture" Activities. The "One Belt One Road" Policy connects the history and the future, China and the world, which is highly consistent with the traditions and sprit of Shaolin Temple. With the tendency of the golbalization of Chinese traditional Culture and Chinese Buddhism, people around the world could get a better understanding of Chinese traditional culture as well as Shaolin culture, which draws us more closer.


The flourish of Shaolin cultural exchanges were closely related to Shaolin monks' traditional life of practice. In the past year, monks' cultivation, Birthday of Buddhas, the Waterland Dharma Function, the ceremony of Worshiping Ancestors, Chan Session, Providing Laba Rice Porridge for free Activity, Shaolin Chan Farm Cultivation and communication training of Chan Hall in the city, all activities went as planned. Futhermore, some big events, such as the Openning Ceremony of Transcribing Prayer Wheel for Tripitaka, The Openning Ceremony of the 3rd “Shaolin Kungfu African Class of the Ministry of Culture", The 10th Chan Debate of Shaolin Chan Inquires, the 5th Buddhism Medicine Forum, the 1st Cross-strait Buddhist Youth Forum, the 70th Anniversary of the World Anti-fascist War and the Buddhist Praying Ceremony for Victims in Tianjin Blasts, etc, were successfully held by Shaolin Temple. These achievements were inseparable from the great efforts made by masters of Shaolin Temple.


Thanks to our government leaders' concern and support as well as Shaolin disciples' efforts, Shaolin Temple could make such remarkable accomplishments. We will continue to inherit these fine traditions and improve ourselves in Buddhism cultivation in the new year. Besides, we will make more efforts in cultivating Buddhist talents, social poverty alleviation and aiding orphans as always. I do hope Shaolin disciples all over the world can pay more attention to world peace, environmental protection, education and poverty alleviation, and we work together to build a harmonious spiritual home for mankind.



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