"Walking Spring Festival's Eve Dinner"--Shaolin Kungfu Walks into Facebook

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On February 5, 2016, the new year is around the corner, Shaolin Temple USA was invited to participate in the "Walking Spring Festival Dinner" activity, which was jointly hosted by China's Ministry of Culture and Facebook Inc, besides, Shaolin Temple USA also brought the audience the brilliant Shaolin Kungfu show.


Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley


The founder& CEO of Facebook Mr.Mark Zuckerberg and Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco Mr.Luo Lin Quan launch the "Walking Spring Festival's Eve Dinner" Activity.


Shaolin sitted Ba Duan Jin


Shaolin Seven Stars Fist


Tongbi Boxing


An eight-year-old student performs Nine-section Whip.


The audience use their cameras and mobile phones to record the wonderful moment.


The audience are shocked by the Kungfu Competition Show.


Shaolin Kungfu Show by the masters


Boradsword & Whip Show


Group Boxing


Master Yan Ran performs Shaolin Hard Qigong.


 Shaolin Hard Qigong


"Walking Spring Festival's Eve Dinner" is one of the essential activities of "Happy Chinese New Year", a platform for cultural exchange, and it is the first time that this activity was hled at Silicon Valley, which lasted from Feb 2 to 5.


The employees of Facebook highly praised Shaolin Kungfu.


Shaolin disciples take a curtain call.

Futhermore, employees of Facebook spoke highly of the Shaolin Kungfu Show. "That's great! It was marvelous!""I was shocked!""I had practiced martial arts before, after the show, I don't think so.""It was amazing to see the authentic martial arts here, I'm pround of being as Chinese, it is the quintessence of Chinese culture and we should carry forward it!"(Executive Editor: Fa Xi)