USA Silicon Valley Shaolin Cultural Center Chinese New Year Cultural Activities

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USA Silicon Valley Shaolin Cultural Center/Shaolin Kung Fu Zen Academy(SKZ)is proud to be distributing our cultural experience with others who are willing to learn and develop their minds. Over the Chinese New Year, SKZ will be working hard to make the Chinese and Shaolin culture known across the area beyond.


Our goal is to educate our audience in Chinese traditions and cultures to help them be more open towards different cultures and backgrounds.


We will only improve in quality over time to live up to any that show appreciation towards us. 


As a Group we will work together to enable that everyone has a chance to learn about the Shaolin and Chinese Culture.


For the Chinese New Year Celebration, Master  Yanxing leads members have already participated the below events of schools and locations:


William Elementary School 2/4/16 Thu


Bright Angel Preschool 2/5/16 Fri


Sunflower School 2/5/16 Fri


SF Express Company 2/5/16 Fri



San Jose Chinese School 2/6/16 Sat


Lite Point Company 2/8/16 Mon


Microsoft Company 2/8/16 Mon


Glider Elementary 2/11/16 Thu



PayPal 2/12/16 Fri


Among the list of locations there are many more yet to be had. The most notable events coming up are:


2/13 Saturday, South San Jose Almaden Library Chinese New Year Celebration


2/21 Sunday, San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade


2/25 Thursday, Sacred Hearts Private school Chinese New Year Celebration

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