Milan Meets Shaolin 6th Edition-EXPO in the City 2015

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From 3 to 31 October 2015, organized by Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan in collaboration with Shaolin Quan Fa Italia and Shaolin State of Harmony - vegan & raw food, was held the sixth edition of the annual manifestation "MILAN meets SHAOLIN" Feeding body and mind elevating the Spirit": 5 weekend of events dedicated to the meeting between West and East, Health and Spirituality inspired by the Shaolin Culture, with the participation of prestigious personalities, experts in medicine, education, wellness, art and cooking (Dr.E.Bartolacelli; Dr.S.Torlasco; Dr.C.Testa; Coach S.Conversi and P.Dutto; sinologist F.Berera; Prof. Ph.D. Psychology Marco Ferrini; Ph.D.Laura Tenerelli; artists/choreographers L.Casiraghi and S.Pèrez; poet S.Ragaini; manager M.Nocchi; vegan chef D.Franceschetti; western fencing master A.Zani; archery instructor C.Bosini; “Gao Ji Cha Yi Shi” master of tea ceremony Qi Meng Han, massage therapists M.Fruino and S.Bizzarri)




In harmony with the themes of MILAN EXPO 2015, with this 6th edition were discussed topics about Health and Energy from the point of view both of  Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated to traditional and complementary western medicine, both of body movement (Shaolin Martial and Oriental Arts,Sport), soul (Dance, Poetry, Chinese Music) and functional and organic nutrition, for a true harmonization of the individual personality and, therefore, a real development of the entire Society.



V educational-cultural Symposium "Nutrition & Pische"; Chan Buddhism Ceremonies; Shaolin Medicine & Culture Conferences; Shaolin Gong Fu and Qi-gong stages conducted by Shaolin monk ShiYanHui; 少林益智功 Shàolín Yì-Zhì Gōng and Tong-zi-gong stages conducted by Shifu ShiHengChan; Shaolin cineforum (新少林寺 “The new Shaolin Temple by B.Chan, with A.Lau and Jackie Chan); art workshops, raw happy hour and raw veg charity dinner in support of the Shaolin Ciyou Orphanage; meetings group and individual consultations on body, mind and spirit: an unique experience, an inter-disciplinary event that unites Milan, China and World under the auspices of the Millennial Shaolin Culture.






ShiHengChan and Shi HengDing, together with some students of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan, also donated a copy of the biography of Ven.Abate translated into Italian to Shaolin Monk ShiYanHui and they are pleased to contribute to the dissemination of authentic Shaolin Culture in Italy.



The entire manifestation, as with all previous editions, was patronized by City of Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Lombardy Region and was included in the "Expo in the City" events calendar.



Finally, in addition to the participation of Shi HengDing at the participatory budget of the City of Milan (on 24-25th October), for their active participation in spreading the Shaolin Culture in Milan in collaboration with the World City Forum, ShiHengChan and ShiHengDing were invited to attend the official inauguration of MUDEC - Museum of Cultures in Milan on 27th October 2015.




“MILAN meets SHAOLIN”, also this year, has recorded a large turnout of participants and grows more and more people - both between the institutions and among the common people - interested and who appreciate the Shaolin Culture in Milan! Amituofo!


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