Shaolin Chan and Gong Fu Retreats Held in Italy & Switzerland

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In the summer month of August the Shaolin cultural centres of Italy (Shaolin Wuseng Italy) and Switzerland (Shaolin Wenhua Switzerland) have conducted four Shaolin Chan and Gong Fu retreats to further the development of Shaolin culture in the two countries.



Master Shi Xingmi (Walter Gjergja) has first directed two Shaolin mountain retreats in Italy and in Switzerland where over fifty Shaolin students enthusiastically attended the cultural activities and practiced Chan philosophy and Gong Fu in the inspiring natural environments for several days.



The students enjoyed intensive training away from the noise of daily life, discovering the peace and energy of Shaolin cultural wisdom.



Following these experiences for Shaolin students, two more retreats were conducted for professional sports people interested in the possibility to integrate Shaolin techniques for mental and physical development in their sports training.



The first retreat was with the AC Milan football team junior goalkeepers, coordinated by former AC Milan star goalkeeper Valerio Fiori who now is the goalkeepers coach. The famous football players and the young aspiring professionals were all very impressed and inspired by the opportunities for cultivation and performance offered by the Shaolin training approach.




The second retreat was with the Red Bull BC One modern dance and acrobatics team. The amazing dancers and acrobats were very fascinated by Shaolin martial arts and wanted to integrate Shaolin Gong Fu techniques and jumps in their choreographies and routines, as well as learn ways to maintain focus and concentration through meditation.



All the four retreats confirmed the great enthusiasm for Shaolin culture when presented in a tailored way, offering to people of very different ages and with very different objectives a set of exceptional tools and methods to take care of mind and body for the enjoyment of life and for the performance in specific disciplines.


We thank the many Italian and Swiss Shaolin students as well as the enthusiastic people from AC Milan and Red Bull.(News/Photo: Master Shi Xingmi)




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