Shaolin Culture at Congress "Vital Enegry: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Care of People"

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On Friday 29th of May, at the Morandi Hall of FAST (Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations) in Milan, Shaolin culture and therapeutic disciplines were presented at the Congress “Vital Enegry: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Care of People”, organized by the SAMIARC Foundation (Organization no-profit with the aim of promoting the study, understanding and application of medical and psychological knowledge from different cultures and their integration with the western ones, in the aspects concerning medicine in general and the improvement of quality of life).

Congress was attended by many prominent Italian doctors including Dr. M.Dotti (Professor Intercultural Communication - University of Pavia); Dr. V.Soresi (Emeritus Chief of Pneumology – Niguarda Hospital); Professor. P.Spaggiari (Dean of General Managers – Lombardy  Region).

Shaolin disciple Shi Hengchan - from Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan -  presented a speech entitled: “Educational value of energy disciplines in Shaolin tradition”, which was a great success with the important professional audience and all the media present, television and newspapers.

The presentation of Shi HengChan inaugurates the project to introduce the practice of the energy-healing Shaolin disciplines (such as Qi-Gong and Chan meditation) in Northern Italy hospitals and in support of scientific research on the vital energy.

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