Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps Performs Shaolin Kungfu in Moscow

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On the afternoon of December 7, 2013 (local time in Moscow), 30 Shaolin Kungfu monks led by Master Yanzhuang went to Moscow and performed Shaolin Kungfu in Crocus City Hall. The local people gave them a warm welcome.



The splendid Shaolin Kungfu


In the performance, Shaolin Kungfu monks demonstrated Shaolin boxing, Shaolin Meihuazhuang, the eighteen Kungfu styles, imitation boxing and other splendid Shaolin Kungfu which won thunderous applauses.



The media had an interview with Master Yanzhuang



The media had an interview with Shi Xiaofu


During the performance, Russia Mosobl had an interview with Master Yanzhuang, head coach of Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps and Kungfu monk Shi Xiaofu. Master Yanzhuang said that Shaolin Kungfu attaches importance to the unity of Chan and Martial Arts; practicing Shaolin Kungfu not only strengthens our body, but also spiritualizes our mind and promotes our wisdom. He also gave Ven. Abbot Yongxin’s greeting to Russian friends and invited them to visit Shaolin Temple and experience the profound Shaolin culture.

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