African Students in Shaolin Temple Extend their Deep Condolence to Nelson Mandela

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At 5:45 am of December 6, 2013 (Beijing time), Nelson Mandela, who is Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of South Africa, passed away. The whole South Africa extended a deep condolence and paid a tribute to him. In order to express the grief to the great man, 28 African disciples who come from Rwanda, Cote d'Ivoire, the Republic of Congo, Gabon and Cameroon and had studied a long time in Shaolin Temple as well as the African students who are from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Mauritius and facing graduation set up a mourning hall at the Disciples’ Home of Shaolin Temple to extend their deep condolence to Nelson Mandela.



The African students stood in silent tribute and paid respect to Mandela



The students wore black armbands



The African students offered incense for Mandela

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