Shaolin Tradition and Culture flourishing in Greece

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Τhe 6th Panhellenic Martial Arts Cup in Lagada, Greece completed with great success on November 24th, 2013 by the Greek Martial Arts Federation More than 700 martial artists from the top schools in Greece participated in the competition.
Represented Greek Shaolin Temple Culture Center, the 50 students led by the well known headmaster Shi Yanzhuo and the head coach Shi Yankong took part in the competition. The Greek students found the opportunity to present the Shaolin Culture and Tradition to the public, through a wide variety of empty hands forms and weapons forms.
The EPOKES team gained proud achievement by winning more than 70 Gold Medals; leaving the best impressions to all.

“Shaolin Tradition and Culture is flourishing in Greece. We are working very hard for the past 25 years to let everyone get involved with the shaolin way of life. I am very pleased by this development. I hope to continue this way and more people to benefit by this effort” Master Yanzhuo said.


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