The Delegation of Soto Zen Pays a Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple

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On the afternoon of November 24, 2013, the delegation of Soto Zen led by Aoyama shuntou, head of the delegation paid a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple and warmly received by Ven. Abbot Yongxin and Shaolin monks.

Being accompanied by the Dharma master of Shaolin Temple, the delegation visited the buildings, inscriptions, wall paintings and other cultural relics in Shaolin Temple. They were full of praise for the profound Shaolin culture.



Ven. Abbot Yongxin warmly received the delegation



Group photo


In the reception room of Shaolin Temple, Ven. Abbot Yongxin happily talked with Aoyama shuntou. Ven. Abbot Yongxin looked back on the exchange history between Shaolin Temple and Japanese Buddhist circle and indicated that Chinese Buddhist circle and Japanese Buddhist circle could make a contribution to China-Japan peace.

Aoyama shuntou expressed his appreciation for Ven. Abbot Yongxin’s warm reception and spoke highly of the effort Shaolin Temple had made in Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges. He wished the friendship between Shaolin Temple and Japan last forever.



Ven. Abbot Yongxin presented a gift to Aoyama shuntou

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