Wushu Imbued with Chan

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Sages in ancient China already put forward the vision of “Chan and Shaolin gong-fu, the former is of primary importance, and the latter is of secondary importance”. Besides, Shaolin Gong-fu has been endowed with Zen wisdom by generations of Chan masters, making it from the skills that are conducive to physical fitness and actual combat to the martial arts that is used in military strategy, and in order to comply with Buddhist commandments, Shaolin Gong-fu has been upgraded to the virtues that make a monk qualify as a Shaolin martial artist steer himself clear of obsession, the supreme state that all the practitioners have chased, that is the so-called “an integration of the Chan tenets with gong-fu”, characterized with anatman and emptiness. In saying this, while training himself in Shaolin gong-fu, the practitioner must not for a moment forget that he is a Chan practitioner and that he is availing himself of the martial-art training as a means to further carry on his self-cultivation program. In this way his martial-art training would be conducive to his gaining numerous minor awakenings before he arrives at his ultimate awakening and would help inculcate in him firm willpower, bravery, and sagacity. Moreover, the unity of Chan and martial arts has raised Shaolin gong-fu to a new level that the folk martial arts can never reach in terms of spiritual qualities, and more importantly, it provides a whole set of systems of internal transcendence for a significant number of people. “Shaolin is the cradle of all martial arts under heaven” is widely spread among Chinese people, which reveals the idea of “wushu imbued with Chan” has been highly accepted by the traditional society. (From A Speech by Shi Yongxin)