Shaolin Chan Meditation

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At the beginning of September 2020, Shaolin Temple’s disciple Shi Yan Long (释延龙, Head of Shaolin Cultural Center Switzerland, 瑞士少林文化中心) conducted a free seminar introduction into the world of Shaolin Chan Meditation (少林坐禅).

In addition to the practical part, historical aspects were also dealt with; for example meditation practice of the Buddha under the Bohdi Tree in Bodh-Gaya, in which he vowed not to rise again until he had found the truth and attained enlightenment. Nowadays, meditation weeks (Chanqi, 禅七) are held in many important Chan monasteries in China at the beginning of the winter season. These extend over a period of 49 days, in reference to the Buddhas practice.

The goal of Chan meditation is that the mind comes to rest completely and the practitioner falls into a thoughtless state. This can reduce stress and relieve adjustments. Regular practice strengthens the immune system, which is more important than ever, especially in the current situation of Covid19.

The participants were very grateful about the experience and are looking forward to the next seminar.