Shaolin Temple Greece holds Christmas & Year End Celebration for 2019

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On Friday the 20th of December at seven o’clock in the afternoon Shaolin Temple Greece 希腊少林寺文化中心 organized, as every year, the celebration of Christmas and the end of year 2019.

Master Shi Yan Xiang 释延向法师, head of Shaolin Temple Greece, welcomed over 100 attendees, wished them the best of the following festive days and the New Year, and soon afterwards began a presentation of Chinese culture with traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong and Taiji. Right after the show there was a lottery in which two attendees won one month free classes each.

Attendees had the opportunity to get a taste of Shaolin culture but also Chinese culture in general, while also tasting vegetarian Chinese cuisine and more.

Many attendees asked Master Yan Xiang about the 2020 cultural events program, as they were very interested in Chinese culture from the night's events.

The evening ended with the Master's invitation to all those in attendance at the Chinese New Year celebration to be held on January 25th 2020, and finally they all came together for a group photo.

(Text: Hengci, Photos: Yan Xiang).

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